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11 meditations about love by José Ramón Carballo. English version.

Kisses for you sweet baby... (autor: anonymous)

First meditation: love is like a kind of innocence, like a second chilhood that never ends.

Second meditation: love is the kindness of the world.

Third meditation: is not easy think about love because feelings are the opositive of thinkings, when I am in love I can think about it and when I'm not in love I can't understand love at all, love is just a fall before a crash, so you can't think about it, only live the experience of the feeling while you are falling.

Fourth meditation: love is a kind of madness, a pain, when you are in love you feel crazy, fool, but you can't avoid it, if you try to avoid love you become crazy for ever, and if you fall in love you will be crazy only for a short period of time, that's the difference.

Fith meditation: I prefer thinking that love is something possible, and is possible only for a while, but impossible for ever.

Sixth meditation: truly love is only our mother's love, we look for a kind of love like this during all our life but it doesn't exist.

Seventh meditation: never love is an equal relationship, someone loves more than the other, in a different way, and with different method, love is quite different from one person to another, this is the main problem of love, the different identity of lovers.

Eighth meditation: I love myself sometimes, but I know that this kind of love, like the love for other person, is not for ever, all the feelings are not for ever.

Ninth meditation: when I love myself I don't need the love of anybody, and when nobody loves me I need to love myself, so someone loves me always.

Tenth meditation: life is not life without love, only love gives the true meaning at life, you can love of you can die, choose what you want.

Eleventh meditation: the opposite of love is not hated, the opposite of love is the indifference, the most anonymous of the feelings.

(estas reflexiones han sido publicadas en mi cuenta de facebook a lo largo de la pasada semana)

(en preparación: Pensamientos acerca de la muerte por José Ramón Carballo)

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